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Apartment Information

Apartment Availability
Discover our Availability Page for instant access to our currently available units in real time.

Scheduling an Apartment Tour
Appointments are necessary to tour our community during business hours. Scheduling appointments with us is hassle-free. Just visit our availability page, choose a floor plan that suits you, and click the "Schedule Tour" button.

Office Hours
Our leasing staff is available for appointments Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Please keep in mind that our staff may occasionally be away from the office due to other obligations.

Response Time
Please be aware that our typical response time is 1-2 business days. We kindly ask for your patience as our staff reviews your information, enabling them to respond appropriately.

Our Apartment Community

We offer a variety of apartment options to meet your needs, ranging from one-, two-, and three-bedroom homes. Certain apartments also include a den/office flex space, providing added versatility to fit your lifestyle. Our standard lease term is 12 months, and please note that we do not participate in housing assistance programs.

Fitness Center
Exciting news awaits! While we are currently enjoying our fitness center featuring a refillable water bottle station, we're thrilled to announce the development of a brand-new fitness center. Anticipated to be unveiled by late fall 2024!

Garages and Parking
We offer several parking options for your convenience. All units include either an attached or detached garage, as well as surface parking.

Mail and Packages
We provide a designated mailroom and offer secure package delivery through Amazon Hub. However, please note that we are unable to receive or sign for packages on behalf of residents. Additionally, we are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged packages, and all concerns regarding packages must be addressed directly with the carrier.

Garbage and Recycling
We offer residents a designated area for the disposal of both garbage and recycling materials.

How to Apply
Visit our website and navigate to our availability page. From there, select your desired floor plan and click on the "Apply Now" button to proceed with your application. As the initial applicant completing this application, you will be recognized as the primary applicant. If you intend to live with additional occupants, you must provide their name(s) and email address in the designated section. They will then receive an invitation to apply for residency. Please be aware that all occupants over the age of 18 must complete their own application and pay a separate application fee.

Application Fees
All applicants must be 18 years or older. Everyone who wishes to occupy the unit must complete their own rental application and pay the application fee. Application fees are non-refundable regardless of screening outcomes. The current fee is $35 per application.

Application Processing Time
Applications are processed in the order they are received. Please anticipate a processing time of up to 5 business days for your application to be thoroughly reviewed.

Approved Applications
Should you be approved; all applicants will be required to sign the lease agreement and pay the security deposit within 2 business days of the approval. The security deposit is due immediately upon lease signing. The first month's rent or prorated rent is due on the lease start date.

Denied Applications
If your application is denied, you will not be eligible for residency at any of Alliance Management's apartments. According to our company policy, you will be ineligible to reapply for an apartment until six months have elapsed and you submit a new application.

Security Deposit
If your application is approved, the required security deposit amount will depend on your credit history, income, and any recent bankruptcy and/or foreclosure history. While we do not accept co-signers in lieu of the security deposit requirements, it may be worthwhile to ask a potential co-signer to assist with the security deposit payment instead. Weve found that many people are more comfortable assisting with the fixed amount of a security deposit than providing the unlimited financial guarantee of a cosigner. Use our security deposit calculator to estimate your security deposit.

As the tenant, you're responsible for covering all utilities listed below unless specified otherwise by the landlord, with late payments considered a breach of the rental agreement. Management isn't liable for any losses or damages resulting from utility issues unless directly caused by their negligence. Tampering with utility meters or systems is strictly prohibited and constitutes a serious breach of the lease.

Utilities Paid by YOU:

Electricity: Each unit has its own meter for electricity. Tenants are responsible for contacting Wisconsin Public Service to transfer the electric meter into your name starting from the lease start date. The tenant must maintain services under their name until the last day they are responsible for paying rent.

Water/Sewer: This covers all charges listed on the main utility bill received by the landlord. You, as the tenant, will pay a share of the water/sewer bill based on the number of bedrooms in your unit. For two and three-bedroom units, the ratio is 3:2 compared to one-bedroom units.

Trash: This covers all charges on the invoice received by the landlord and will be prorated based on the number of bedrooms in your unit. Two and three-bedroom units pay at a ratio of 3:2 compared to one-bedroom units.

Common Area Electricity: Common Area Electricity: You, as the LESSEE, will contribute to the common area electricity bill, which will be prorated based on the number of bedrooms in your unit. Two and three-bedroom units pay at a 3:2 ratio compared to one-bedroom units.

Utilities Paid by the Landlord:

Gas: Gas expenses are covered by the landlord.

Renters Insurance
We require all residents to have renters insurance. If a property wide policy is in place at the time of your application, you will be required to utilize the insurance policy we offer. You will always have the option to obtain additional renters insurance on your own.

Resident Portal
We offer an online resident portal, providing access 24/7. Through this portal, you can make payments, request services, learn valuable information about your community, and view your rent ledger at your convenience.

RentCafe Mobile App
Our online portal is available as a convenient mobile app on the App Store! Download the RentCafe app today to manage your account, submit maintenance requests, and stay connected with community updates from your smartphone or tablet.

Rental Payments
All rental and utility payments are due on the first of the month, and we do not provide a grace period. It's important to note that late fees and NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) fees may be applied to overdue or returned payments. If using a debit or credit card, please be aware that there may be processing fees. We highly recommend using our online portal for rent payments. Additionally, please be advised that a $15 administrative fee will be incurred for rent payments made by check.

Automatic Payments
We encourage all residents to set up automatic payments directly on their online portal for convenience and to ensure timely payments.

Lease Term Length
Our standard lease term is 12 months. We do not offer short term leases.

Occupancy and Vehicle Limits
Each apartment has specific occupancy and vehicle limits in place to comply with company policy and local regulations, ensuring the comfort and safety of all residents. These limits are designed to maintain a pleasant living environment and adhere to legal requirements.

Lease Renewals/Rent Increases
Lease renewal notices are usually sent 60-90 days prior to your lease end date, giving you the chance to choose the term that fits your needs. If no term is selected, or a notice to vacate isn't submitted, your lease will automatically renew at the month-to-month rate. Please be aware that with lease renewals, rent increases may apply if the market rents in your community have increased. These rent increases allow us to maintain the quality of our community and cover increases in expenses like taxes, insurance, and maintenance .

Adding Additional Occupants
If you wish to add an additional occupant, anyone who wishes to reside in the apartment must complete an application, pay the application fee, and be approved before moving in. Additionally, please note that all apartments have occupancy limits.

Reporting Resident Concerns
We take concerns very seriously and address them appropriately. Please remember that all residents are required to follow our rules and regulations. If you have any concerns, please report them immediately to the leasing staff.

On-Site Maintenance Staff
We have on-site maintenance. We offer 24-hour emergency maintenance so when issues do arise weve got you covered!

Submitting Maintenance Requests
It is recommended to submit maintenance concerns directly on your online portal. However, we understand this may not always be possible. In the event you cannot submit a concern online, please reach out to the leasing staff, and they will start a work order request on your behalf.

Maintenance Service Appointments
You are not required to be present for service appointments. However, we do ask that all pets be secured during our scheduled visits. We will provide a 12 hour notice, unless agreed upon otherwise.

Emergency Maintenance
We offer 24/7 emergency maintenance services; please call our emergency maintenance line and follow the instructions provided in the recording Be advised that in the event of emergent situations, we have the right to enter without notice.

Failure to Report a Maintenance Concern
Remember, you are responsible to report maintenance issues, especially ones that can result in additional damage if not reported in a timely manner. Failure to report concerns outlined in the lease agreement may result in tenant charges. Failure to report dripping faucets or running toilets can result in large utility bills that would your responsibility if not reported.

Moving In:

Lease Start Date and Move In Time
Your lease begins officially at 12:00 pm (noon). Please be aware that access to your apartment will not be granted before this time. Should you require an earlier move-in, please reach out to our leasing staff for approval. Additionally, on move-in day, your first rent payment is due.

Moving Trucks
Please note that moving trucks must not block any entryways or inconvenience fellow residents during your move. Additionally, please be aware that moving trucks are not permitted to remain on the property overnight.

Storage Pods
Storage pods are permitted with special consideration for a maximum duration of one week (7 days). These pods must be placed in your designated parking spot. It's important to ensure that they do not inconvenience other residents and are not placed in visitor parking areas. Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a harmonious living environment for all.

Statement of Unit Condition
Please note that you have 7 days from your lease start date to document any pre-existing conditions and return the completed form along with required photos to the leasing staff. It's crucial to promptly complete this assessment within the specified timeframe to ensure accuracy and address any concerns promptly.

Moving Out:

Notice to Vacate
As per the terms outlined in the lease, a 60-day notice is required. Providing this notice does not release you from fulfilling your lease term. Click here to access our notice to vacate form, and upon submission, you will receive an auto-generated confirmation via Wufoo; we recommend saving it for your records. Please allow our leasing staff up to 3 business days to process your notice to vacate. Once processed, you will receive an email from our leasing staff.

Break Lease
You are responsible for fulfilling your rent obligations as outlined in your lease agreement. In the event of break lease, a 60-day notice is still required. We promptly advertise your apartment upon receipt of the notice. You remain responsible for all charges until your lease end date or until your unit is re-rented. Additionally, a $350 break lease fee applies.

Early Termination Fee Option
Depending on the time of year and occupancy rate of the property, we may also offer the option to pay a fee equal to 3 months' rent in exchange for ending your lease immediately upon the later of your move out date or the date you agree to the fee. This payment must be made in full before you are released from your obligations, and you would still be responsible for any damage within the unit.

Maintenance Move-Out Pre-Inspection
Within 30 days of submitting your notice to vacate, our leasing and maintenance team will schedule a brief walk-through of your apartment. During this inspection, our team will note any areas of concern or those needing upgrades. Your presence is not required for this walk-through.

Resident Move-Out Inspection
We do not offer personal move-out inspections. Instead, please refer to the move-out checklist provided by our leasing staff in response to your notice to vacate. Please be advised that failure to comply with the cleaning checklist will result in charges in accordance with your lease agreement.

Security Deposit Refund
Upon move-out, your security deposit refund will be processed and placed in the mail within 21 days. Depending on mail delivery times, your deposit may arrive to you after the 21 day period. To ensure transparency and fairness, any deductions withheld from the deposit will be detailed in a move-out binder accessible through your online portal. This binder will include a comprehensive move-out statement outlining any charges withheld, supported by photo evidence where applicable. Furthermore, if you completed a statement of unit condition at move-in, it will be attached for reference.

We Accept Pets
Our community is happy to accept cats, dogs, and small caged animals with approval. Maximum of 2 pets per apartment. Click here to view our Pet Policy page.

Pets Fees
Please note that pets are subject to a required security deposit of $250 per pet, along with additional monthly fee per pet starting at $25 and increases based on factors such as age, spay/neuter status, and clawed or declawed status.

Pet Rules and Regulations
It is mandatory for all animals to be up to date on vaccinations. For the safety of everyone, dogs and other animals must be leashed at all times; tie-outs are not permitted. Moreover, it is essential to promptly pick up all pet waste and dispose of it immediately. All pet habitats, including litterboxes, must be maintained frequently. Pet waste should not be left outside doors or garages and cannot be stored in garages if it results in unpleasant odors. The owner of the pet is responsible for all related pet damages, both indoor and outdoor. These damage charges are in addition to the monthly pet fees.

Adding a Pet
Please note that all pets must receive approval from management. To add a pet to the lease, you must obtain approval from management. If you are found with an unapproved pet, you will be subject to fees as outlined in your lease.